Adobe DTM Tag Timeout Bug – Feature Deprecation

One of my clients has a robust implementation of Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM), it was adopted back when SearchDiscovery owned the tool. Through the years we have used it so much we often find bugs in the tool – one such bug was the tag timeout function within the product.

DTM - Timeout Settings

The tag timeout feature is set to specify how long DTM should wait for a tag to fire before timing out. We noticed several tags implemented synchronously occasionally taking an extremely long time to load, several instances where DTM should have killed the tag. Thus I reached out to Adobe – they confirmed it was a bug and being worked on. Earlier this week, we got an update that the feature was going to be deprecated and no longer being supported.

The DTM team has extensively tested various ways to preserve the tag timeout feature within the DTM UI. However, test results have shown that due to limitations in modern browsers, it is not technically feasible to timeout tags in a reliable cross-browser way. Thus, the tag timeout feature in the DTM UI should not be relied upon to consistently ‘kill tags’ when a certain timeout has lapsed. For these reasons, this feature will be deprecated in the near future. As a workaround for tags that are hindering page performance, we recommend loading them asynchronously to avoid timing issues.

In cases where asynchronous tag loading is not an option, we recommend reaching out to the vendor(s) providing the slow loading tag(s) as DTM has no way of canceling / killing sequential tags once initiated

Adobe mentioned two solutions to the problem – make the tag asynchronous or work with the vendor to implement a timeout. Both can be timely endeavors that will likely require coordination among vendors and rigorous testing – Bummer.

More information about this feature and setting it up can be found here on the Adobe site.

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